Pedro, Juan & Diego

Pedro, Juan & Diego Agency
Santiago – Chile

Architect: Guillermo Hevia García + Nicolás Urzúa

The project involves setting up an open plan office for an energy generation company. The strategy governing the project aims at achieving a free, fluid, transparent, lit space set-up, with room for team and group work, understanding that when people work together, instead of isolated, productivity and good ideas bloom.

The central point of the offices is the meeting room, isolated and semi-translucent structure, with a sole form recognizable from any point. This is a steel structure that supports vegetable based resin covered panels, which provide privacy and a unique atmosphere inside. This part is also the body that generates visual isolation between the common work area and private offices, accentuating the spatial fluidity and avoiding the need of placing dull partitions or doors.

On both ends of the office, private offices are located, which have been divided with mid height partitions, and above these, transparent glass which allows acoustically isolating each office, but maintaining a visual, spatial and luminous continuity avoiding enclosure. Above these partitions, mobile frosted glass boards have been placed, which allow working and changing the degrees of visual relation with the neighbors.

The common area has been thought out as a sole large work space, which is defined by a natural beech wood piece of furniture, which runs the length of the premises and serves as a file holder and separator from the bathroom and kitchen area.

The variety of materials and elements has been reduced to a minimum. Fine materials have been used, which provide warmth and quality to the area. A beech wooden floor, aluminum ceiling and glass sliding doors are common elements in all the rooms, which are going to be defined by suspended lamps and colored furniture pieces which generate the desired variations.